Saturday, July 16, 2011


Guido, my very spoiled mouse, was under the impression that he owned me. And my house. And my food.

None of it could be shared.  Ever.

Unfortunately, the Natural Order of Things was completely dissolved when I took pity on "Kitty", a poor little pussy that was wandering the streets. 

Guido and his kingdom had been betrayed!

I told him if he couldn't get along with Kitty there would be NO MORE GELATO. EVER.

The issue seemed to naturally resolve itself.

He still owns me. And my house. And my food.

But sometimes these things can be shared.

Just not the Gelato.

Guido's Wisdom: "I gatti hanno denti grandi"   ("Cats have big teeth")


  1. This is absolutely hilarious. I love Kitty!

  2. i love also both kitty & mouse such a wonderful partner they look in this scenario.