I updated this page to hopefully cut down on the amount of email I get. Guido says his thumbs are sore from typing (do mice even have thumbs?)

Does Guido actually exist?
Yes, although in reality he may not be as intelligent/brave/talkative as described. However, he is an Italian mouse that follows me around, and he does like to sit on my shoulder. No, he’s not rabid.
Why don't you show us a real picture of Guido?
Because he's scared of the camera. Every time he sees it he thinks it's an angry cat trying to bite his head off. Besides, the pictures made on the computer are fun.

Does Guido speak English?
Italian mouse-ish to be exact.
Is that different from English mouse-ish?
Yup. Higher-pitched, more gestures.

No, seriously?
Okay, in all reality, all things said by Guido are merely my interpretation. They could be completely wrong!

Where does Guido live?
He wanders around a lot. Mostly he lives in the garden of my host family's house, but sometimes he follows me up to my room (shhh... don't tell my host mom!)

How often do you update?
I try to update once a week.

When do you come back from Italy?
June 2012.

You run marathons?
Yes, I do, but I have trouble with knee problems.

How old are you?

How do you make a cafe macchiato?
I honestly have no idea. Ask Guido. It has something to do with milk and coffee. :-)

Are you socially awkward?

Why are Guido's memories important?
They keep me (and hopefully my audience) entertained. I like imagining what life is like for a mouse in Italy, and make it entertaining.

What made you decide to create a blog?
As an eager and young high schooler I left my family to become an exchange student in Italy. Unfortunately, homesickness hit me hard, leaving me with no sanctuary but my computer where I could connect with people back in the United States. Blogging about Guido and myself was my way of coping with homesickness at first.

Do you really worship Gnocchi?
No, but it sure is good!
What other writing do you do?
Magazine articles, fiction novels, picture books... I hope to be a published author some day.

How do I find your archives?
They're in the sidebar, a little ways down the page.

Is Guido your pet mouse?
No. He's just a "stray" with an uncanny attachment to me. Again no, he's not rabid.
Where do you live in Italy?
Would I really tell you that?

What made you want to live in Italy?
I'd visited Italy once before when I was nine years old. It is a beautiful country! Plus, I love the pasta (did I mention gnocchi?)

Can I send Guido cheese?
Guido says sure, if you meet him around town.

Does Guido cook?
He does have a cute way of stirring together his food.
Are your stories true?
For the most part. Some of them are exxagerated, others (such as the ones about Guido's past) could be considered stretches of the imagination.

Are you really a triplet?
Yes. I have a brother and a sister, both still living in the USA. We argue a lot (but in a good way).

Is there a book coming out?
Fingers crossed! I'm sending  "Guido's Musical Mousterpiece" past a couple of Editor's noses.

What is the best type of Gelato?
Straciatella. Hands down. Try it (it's like chocolate chip just ten million times better).

Can I see a real picture of you?
Sure. Here's me before departing to Italy.

Why do you have all of these stories? Is there something wrong with you?
I love to write, journal, and to use my imagination. There's nothing wrong with that!

Is your work copyrighted?  Can I repost it? 
My stories and drawings are copyrighted, but as long as you attribute your use of my images/words correctly (with a link to the source of the material), it should be fine.  Plagiarism is bad.

If I see you in real life, can I say hello? 
Of course! Just don't scream at me or say mean things. I'm a friendly person.  

What does your family think about your posts? Are they okay with it?
I'm very close with my family, and, for the most part, they enjoy being in my stories. We get along just fine and they enjoy reading the blog.

Do you go to high school?
Yes. In Italy it's called liceo. I'm still trying to get a hang on the language. English is my favorite course (obviously).

What program do you use to make your photos/art?
Guido and I use MS Paint.

Your drawings are terrible! I can draw way better!
You're right, sometimes they are. But they're still fun aren't they? Hopefully they get the point across and capture the mood of the story. If you want to show me your artist skills I'd be glad to have you email them to me to look at.

Do you have any advice for new bloggers? 
Write about something you're passionate about. And persevere. If it's good people will catch on.

I took everything that you said really seriously and now I'm mad.
That's too bad. Sorry. :-)

Have you trained Guido?
No, I would never dream of doing such a thing. Guido and I just like to sit and chat and explore. I think he thinks he's a dog.

Why do you change the backgrounds of the photos?
The photo's backgrounds show the real places we've gone-- I've got to put a Guido mouse in the picture since he doesn't like to have his picture taken. 

Can I send you pictures?
Sure, if it's related to the blog.

Do you have any other pets?
Yes. My host family has two dogs, and back in the United States I had two cats and two parakeets.

Something beautiful and amazing created by the powers of mouse and human. :-)