About #1


Who am I?
 A sixteen year old exchange student who has traveled to Italy and enjoys having mostly one-end conversations with a mouse.

Me in 4 words:
Creative, Quirky, Athletic… okay, 3 words is enough.

16 years old

Biggest Pet Peeve:
Talking to someone with bad breath

Favorite animal:
Cats (just kidding, Guido… mice of course).

Favorite book:
Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

Favorite Movie:
Finding Nemo!

Favorite Music:
Oldies (American)

Favorite American Food:
Chocolate-covered strawberries (that counts, right?)

Favorite Italian Food:

Top 3 Things You Didn’t Know about Me:
1.      I was sponsored on my trip to Italy by a famous running shoe company because I run marathons.
2.      I am a published author.
3.      I am a triplet.

Top 3 Things I love about Italy:
1.      The language, no matter how frusterating it is to learn (contrary to popular belief, it is not English with an “o” added at the end of each word).
2.      The mild climate!
3.      The food… mmmmm.


Who is he?
 An abnormally intelligent and social brown mouse who has decided to tell his story to Christine through a combination of loud squeeking and wild paw gestures.

In 4 words:
Hansome, Brave, Intelligent, Amazing (you’re so modest Guido).

Guido refuses to tell.

Biggest Pet Peeve:
The "all mice love cheese" stereotype.

Favorite animal:

Favorite book:
Guido doesn’t like turning pages.

Favorite Movie:
Ratatoullie (it’s true, any mouse can cook!)

Favorite Music:
Guitar Solos

Favorite American Food:
Guido says there is no such thing as good American food-- especially ice cream.

Favorite Italian Food:

Top 3 Things You Didn’t Know about him:
1.      Guido’s parent were both famous opera mice.
2.      Guido has travelled all across Northern Italy before.
3.      Guido has two sisters- Ita and Rafaella.

Top 3 Things Guido loves about Italy:
1.      The entertaining foreigners.
2.      The cats are kept away from the streets.
3.      The gelato.