Friday, June 10, 2011

Blog of the Homo Mus Musculus

So here it goes. Our first ever blog post.

Who are "we" exactly? Contrary to popular belief we are not just one person-- or a "Homo Mus Musculus" (a wikipedia scientific name for mouse human). I guess I'll have to explain.

First of all, only one of us is human. That would be me, the typist. Christine.

Second of all, the other one of us is a mouse... Guido Antonio (or just Guido).

Guido has enslaved me (ha ha) as his typist of thoughts. Here he is.

Guido and I met when I first moved to Italy for my sophomore year of high school. I started out in a strange country with a strange host family unable to speak the language and suffering from a terrible case of homesickness. That's when I found Guido in my closet. He's a brown mouse (not sure what type exactly) and he immediately stole half of the delicious panini I was eating for lunch. After my initial reaction, we got along quite nicely.

Initial Reaction:

Now it is my duty to use my great skills of mousey interpretation and to tell you the stories of Guido's and my life as we both struggle in our surroundings. Guido has promised to help me in Italy if I promise to be his interpretor and buy him a gelato every other night. It works out great. With Guido's help I can maybe survive my sophomore year of high school. Dita incrociate [fingers crossed]!

Guido's Advice for the Day: hanno sempre la minestra [Always have your soup]

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  1. How do you get the mouse in the picture?